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We develop products for everyone. With this in mind, it is important to widen our perspective to understand all types of end-users. To achieve this, we need a work force with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds.

This is why Semcon Group management has initiated the first step towards achieving diversity with a focus on gender balance. We will be a gender balanced company by 2022 (male–female ratio between 60 and 40 percent) – both in the Group as a whole and among managers. This is a unique and ambitious target for our industry, but a necessary one in order to stay successful as a company and attractive as an employer.

Personally, I intend to make the gender balance targets one of my KPIs, assigning them the same status as our financial targets.

Markus Granlund, President and CEO, Semcon Group

Why gender balance?

Several studies* show that diverse teams and organisations are more profitable and achieve better results. With this insight in mind, our mission to increase gender balance is directly linked to our business objectives:

  • To become better problem solvers and thus develop better products
  • To generate a better understanding of the end-users
  • To create a fun and inspiring workplace


* Article by Harvard Business Review & Sodexo case study by McKinsey & Company.

We know and respect that diversity is a multifaceted issue, and cannot be reduced to gender considerations only. Diversity and the ambition to become an equal and diverse organisation go beyond this. It includes the varied backgrounds, perspectives and competence of the people in our organisation. From engineers, designers and technical writers to administrators and managers.

Anna Nordelöf - Engineer at Semcon

Our status and objectives

We are not a gender balanced company today. In all markets except for the Chinese market there are more men than women.

By 2022 we will have gender equality in both the Group and among all Managers. Our objectives tied to gender equality have the same priority as our financial results:

Employee objectives:
Gender ratio between 40 and 60 percent.

Manager objectives:
Gender ratio between 40 and 60 percent.

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