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Improving the experience of technology with product information.

By digitizing product information, we improve the user experience and maintainability of complex products and systems - increasing our customers’ competitiveness. For us technology has no purpose of its own. It is how it adds value to people that matters.

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Semcon is a full service provider of product information, creating added value for users and increasing our customers’ competitiveness enabling them to focus on their core business.

Johan Ekener, President of Business Area Product Information.

Product information making technology understandable.

Our way to optimize the product experience

The right information at the right time can be crucial for a user to understand how a product or a system works, or how to effectively maintain and repair it for maximal uptime. Different user groups have different needs, in different situations. Semcon covers this by offering a spectrum of services and solutions – from sales support to installation, service, diagnostics, repair, spare parts and end user information. We also provide training solutions and eLearnings in order to meet all the users’ needs.

Tailor-made for every user group

Our product information solutions improve different user groups’ experience of complex and advanced technology. Whether it is a service technician, a car owner or a super user of a specific software – we provide product information to suit all kinds of user groups.

Services for every step of the way

Product information is not only about developing content in the form of text and illustrations, or even animations. It is also about having a clear strategy for how the product information best contributes to user and business value, and having an information architecture that allows for reuse and digital distribution and consumption. At Semcon, we provide services throughout the product information development cycle.

Digitized product information

Modern information technology provides the means for people to consume information on a device of their choice, wherever they are and whenever they need it. This has not only changed peoples’ behaviour related to consuming information, but it also provides companies with opportunities to increase the user experience and add value to their products and systems by providing the right type of product information through multiple channels.

Digital distribution service

The ultimate experience of efficient product information is for the user to receive it at the precise moment, or even before, a problem occurs or they have a need for it. The secret that allows our customers to achieve this lies within Semcon’s digital distribution service, including multiple user interfaces.

Why choose Semcon

Our international footprint makes us the perfect partner for customers globally, but also provides a network of specialists and resources from different regions of the world.

  • We improve the experience from technology by making complex products and systems easy to operate and maintain – securing optimal usage and uptime
  • We are a full provider of product information, making our customers focus on their core business – lowering costs, increasing efficiency and user satisfaction
  • Based on our in-depth understanding of users’ needs and behaviours, we develop effective training solutions for safe and efficient use of complex products and systems
  • We support our customers in optimising their aftermarket business

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