Product Information for Telecom & IT
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Product Information for Telecom & IT.

In the high-paced and ever-changing transformation of the telecom and IT landscape, being able to provide users with instant access (through digitization) to reliable, scalable and relevant product information is a competitive edge.

Semcon’s experience from developing product information for software means that we can significantly contribute to establishing a competitive edge for companies in the telecom & IT industry, leveraging the product experience and strengthening the brand

Pär Ylander, Key Account Manager, Product Information

The rapidly changing landscape of connected devices and high volumes of data traffic is a daily challenge for the telecom industry. Product and software releases become more frequent, while the complexity of the different solutions is increasing. Relevant product information is a vital part of ensuring efficient implementation and support of the ever changing and expanding infrastructure.

Many software companies find it challenging to create and distribute relevant, harmonised and always up-to-date information to its various users – be it end-users or configuration consultants. Still, the quality of the product information has impact on the efficiency of installation projects and the users’ ability to use software features correctly. It also influences software buyers’ ability to maximise the value of their software investments, and likeliness of recommending their software suppliers.

At Semcon we provide solutions for product information and trainings that are relevant, accurate and always accessible – tailored to support different users throughout the value chain such as developers, sales representatives, consultants and, of course, end users. Our agile approach to developing product information provides benefits such as increased transparency and faster time to market.

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