High level documentation for high-speed train
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Andrew McCabe
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High level documentation for high-speed train.

When producing maintenance documentation for a complex high-speed train it is important to always adjust it to the end user needs. A rail technical documentation project for the Velaro Eurostar is a good example of just that.

From 2011-2017 HAAS-Publikationen, now part of the Semcon Group, was involved in the complex Velaro Eurostar Documentation Project for the customer Siemens Mobility. The Velaro Eurostar is a 16-car high-speed train for the Eurotunnel link from London via Lille to Paris, Brussels, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Our team produced more than 750 instructions, covering the vehicle preventive as well as important parts of the corrective maintenance. In my opinion this is one of the most high level manuals for trains in the UK.

Stefan Moldenhauer, Country Manager Semcon Germany

The delivery also contains a voluminous part for the different train-safety systems, including ETCS (European Train Control System). The technical documentation was produced in a Siemens content management system.

The right level of information

A special goal within this project was to harmonize, and thereby streamline, the common tasks that were the same in all different instructions, for example preparation works. Furthermore, the level of detail needed to be sufficient for the less experienced maintenance staff to carry out the maintenance activities. The instructions were also adjusted to fit the various workshop interfaces (e.g. infrastructure, material handling restrictions).

End user focus to ensure quality

With recurring review meetings between the customer and the HAAS/Semcon team full insights and cooperation was ensured.

These meetings have been valuable lessons for us in fully understanding the customer as well as the end users, the ones who will be using the instructions in the end. How can we make sure that they get what they need? Well, we started by asking.

Stefan Moldenhauer, Country Manager Semcon Germany

In the review meetings, the instructions were run through and discussed in a group of component-responsible mechanical engineers, technical writers of the instruction and also employees from the end-customer Eurostar, who mostly had a practical background. They resulted in amendments compared with the source information, optimizing the maintenance and making it easy to consume for the executing maintenance staff.

Hands on testing

The team also had the chance to check the maintenance instructions directly in the depot in London in order to achieve a better understanding of the local depot equipment and to check the time effort for maintenance tasks directly at the train in a workshop environment.

Our delivery:

  • Harmonized work instructions for maintenance
  • Optimized work sequence to reduce the time effort
  • Research of information’s details to achieve clarity for the end user
  • Provide all necessary information to prepare the workshop for the new train maintenance (e.g. spare parts)
  • Contribution of our experience from railway vehicle technical documentation projects worldwide
  • Graphics adapted to the needs within railway vehicle maintenance


Andrew McCabe
Country Manager UK, Product Information
+44 (0) 1926 642745
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