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Lars Löfgren
Business development manager, Product Information
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David Sondén
General Manager Sweden, Product Information
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Product information.

The right information at the right time can be crucial for a user to understand how a product or a system works, or how to effectively maintain and repair it for maximal uptime.

What’s the benefit with product information?

Product information – or technical documentation as it is also called – includes all information used to handle a product or a system, such as repairing or understanding a product feature. When you get exactly the information you need right now, in the way that best suits your situation, you get the best conditions for succeeding with the challenge in front of you. That is why good product information makes service and repairs more efficient while improving the user experience.

Your aftermarket partner

Our product information services and solutions aim to improve different user groups’ experience of complex and advanced technology. Whether it is a service technician, a car owner or a super user of a specific software.
We support our customers every step on the way. Because product information is not only about developing text and illustrations, or even animations. It is also about having a clear strategy for how the product information can add most value, and having an information architecture that optimises digital consumption. And much more.

Our international footprint makes us the perfect partner for customers globally, while also providing access to a network of specialists and resources from different markets.

Semcon is a full service and solution provider of product information, creating added value for users and increasing our customers’ competitiveness, enabling them to focus on their core business.

Johan Ekener, President of Business Area Product Information.

Flexible ways of working

There is much more to product information than just developing content in the form of text, illustrations or even animations. It is also about having a strategy for how the information best adds value to users, and the business.


Digitalisation of product information provides companies with opportunities to improve the user experience, and add value to their products and systems, by providing the right type of product information through multiple channels.

user information

For the user of complex products and systems, understanding how to use the technology is key. Understanding, through the right information, has always been a major advantage to keep ahead of market and your competitors.

Service information

The right diagnostics and service information is a key enabler for increased service efficiency and optimised uptime. Semcon offers a complete range of services and solutions within the area of service information.


Parts and accessories make up the largest part of a product’s aftermarket lifetime value – make sure to tap that potential to its maximum.

Training SOlutions

Effective training solutions are essential for people and organisations to succeed. And in an ever-changing knowledge based economy this is more true than ever.

Why should we improve our product information?

Digital transformation is often driven by the possibilities to improve the user experience and strengthen the aftermarket business. Through new services and digital solutions some objectives are to maximise product uptime and lifetime, make service and repairs more efficient and improve the customer experience. With increasing product complexity and more frequent product updates, accessible and up-to-date product information that is easy to understand is becoming crucial to use it efficiently.

How do we capture the value of our product information?

The essential step is to make the product information digital. Then will you be able to meet the increasing demand of updated and relevant information for different users and situations, make it accessible in user-friendly ways and foster sustainability by abolishing physical manuals.

What types of solutions are we talking about?

Digital product information can be improved in steps and in several dimensions: From one single product to the whole product range, from text and illustrations to rich media such as guided fault tracing and animations, from a basic web portal to smartphone apps and human machine interfaces, in one standard version or adapted to each users’ preferences and competence.

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