Consume information dynamically with Lodges
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Consume information dynamically with Lodges.

The ultimate experience when it comes to efficient product information is for the user to receive this information at the precise moment a problem occurs or they need it, or even before. The secret that allows our customers to achieve this lies within Semcon’s dynamic distribution service, which includes multiple user interfaces. 

Being able to access the right information exactly when you need it, tailored to your needs, has never been more important, and this will be even more important in future. The ultimate experience when it comes to efficient product information is for it to be distributed even before problems arise or users need it. We call this event-driven information. 

What enables this is a digital distribution platform that includes multiple user interfaces. Semcon has developed its own cloud-based distribution platform. This focuses on functionality and usability and goes by the name of Lodges. 

Get started with Lodges

Lodges is a cloud-based distribution platform sold as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Since the first implementation in 2013, new functionality has been developed and continuous refinements have been made, based on the needs emerging from our growing customer base. Thanks to our business model, all customers can benefit from our continuous improvements of Lodges.

Scalable implementation

The implementation of Lodges is scalable in multiple dimensions so there are several ways to start on a smaller scale and increase the scope later on:

  • Implement Lodges for one specific product or user group to start with.
  • Add functions as the need arises. Semcon offers a number of valuable functions in the basic installation.
  • Start with one output channel, such as a web portal, and add more over time, e.g. a smartphone app or integrated in the product interface.

Compatible with your current information softwares and channels

Lodges is independent of which content management system (CMS) is being used for creating the information so if your organisation is satisfied with your current software, Lodges can still distribute your information dynamically. This also means that information that has already been created (regardless of in which CMS) can be distributed through the channels of your choice, using Lodges. And in case your organization is looking for a software to produce information, we look forward to show Semcon’s own CMS, Kentucky.

Lodges dynamically distributes product information not only to different outputs such as web and mobile apps, but also to the product itself when product information is integrated into it. Lodges’ complete flexibility regarding input sources is also valid for which output channels that can be used to share product information with the users. In many cases, Semcon develops the channels together with its customers (e.g. a smartphone app or web portal) but if your organisation is content with your current channels, Lodges is just as effective for distributing the information through these, customized for each user and situation. In such case, Lodges is solely used for the distribution and the already existing channels can easily communicate with the Lodges API to show the latest and most relevant content.

Some advantages with Lodges

Using Lodges allows users to access relevant information even if they are not connected to the Internet.Lodges then automatically synchronises the information when they are back online so as to ensure the latest information is always available to them.

Besides the obvious advantages, such as lower distribution costs and no printing costs, another benefit is the ability to get to know users’ behaviours based on how they access information. This knowledge can be used to adapt future information to specific target groups. Lodges may also be used as a way of obtaining instant feedback from the end users. This feedback can then be used to tailor the product information even more for different users as well as to improve the whole user experience.

Getting started with Loges is done in two steps: We start with implementing Lodges, which is a quick and smooth process, based on your organisation’s needs. This is followed by an overall commitment from Semcon, for a monthly fee. Besides access to Lodges, the monthly fee also includes:

  • Hosting of content and applications
  • Maintenance and continuous development and improvements
  • Support
  • Reports and analysis of user behaviour and feedback (e.g. to identify and prioritize development areas)


Reach out to discuss the needs in your organisation and how Lodges can add value to your business.

Fredrik Larsson
Department Manager, Product Information
+46 (0)736 84 05 70
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