Life Science
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Mikael L. Pettersson
Sales Director, Engineering & Digital Services
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Daniel Rundgren
President, Engineering & Digital Services
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What we do in Life Science.

The life science industry can generally be split into the more established and global pharmaceutical companies, where outsourcing is relatively low, and the recently established and small pharmaceutical companies in terms of volume, where outsourcing is higher. Because it is costly and risky developing new pharmaceuticals, an increasing number of pharmaceutical companies choose to outsource and purchase complete development projects from small and medium-sized research companies, which ensures access to commercially viable medicines.

In the future, we will witness increasing and changing care needs as the population ages. This will make demands on both new medical device solutions and more efficient health and long-term care. Here, issues such as society’s ongoing digitization and data integrity in the future-connected drug manufacturing, Pharma 4.0, play a major role. This will provide substantial opportunities for Semcon’s offerings within life science.

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