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Anders Sundin
Business Manager Innovation
+46 (0)733 98 96 35

Product Innovation starts here.

From wild idea to market ready

Innovative organisations dare to make space for wild ideas. They trust their specialists and let their thoughts run wild. Ideas breed ideas and, in an environment that has the technical conditions, an impulse can grow into a sustainable innovation that is adapted to the user and commercially packaged and visualised. Semcon’s Innovation Lab is one such creative vent. Here specialists from different fields meet and test their ideas on each other and reality. Some get thrown straight into the bin, a few get the chance to become prototypes and others go all the way to the market. The lab is not just an internal facility, it is also open for customer projects.

A lab with a business-oriented approach

When curiosity meets the expertise from an entire design and technology field in a lab environment, with the latest in simulation and with the ability to quickly assemble prototypes, new ideas and innovations can easily take form. Semcon’s specialists have diverse backgrounds and come from different industries. They meet in our Innovation Lab regardless of where they are from and work together to find new solutions.

The Innovation Lab has a clear user perspective and a business-oriented approach. We operate some projects entirely on our own, such as the universal smart engine for bikes, an idea that was born, developed and carried-out in our lab. Several solutions that help our customers have first seen the light of day in the Innovation Lab.

An innovation centre with customer benefits

Do you want to generate entirely new ideas for your business, or do you have an idea that you want to develop? Semcon’s Innovation Lab is an essential resource in our own development as well as being an open innovation centre for all of our customers.

The Innovation Lab is a unique offer. An experimental workshop that brings together different skills at Semcon to test our own ideas and solve impossible customer assignments. User-centred innovation is the driving force and there is a solution to everything.

Anders Sundin, Business Manager Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab offers business-oriented idea development, and also accepts development projects with your ideas as a starting point. If you are in urgent need of new thinking, we have a Red Button, with specialist teams ready to jump in and analyse your challenge to find a way forward, regardless of whether it leads to your next connected product range, smarter services or an entirely new view of the simpler products which are designed for enhanced user experience.

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