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Nordine Chekaoui
Business Development Director, Engineering & Digital Services
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Adam Palm
Country Manager UK, Product Information
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What we do in Automotive.

The automotive industry is still experiencing tough competition. Players in the industry often debate value creation and the constant requirement to enhance cost efficiency, combined with stricter demands on product development, sustainability and innovation.

Analysts Oliver Wyman estimate that the outsourcing trend in the automotive industry will increase over the 2015–2025 period, but will level off somewhat compared with developments of previous years.

There are a number of important market trends that influence Semcon’s focus and direction. One area where the rate of change is high is connected vehicles (Car IT), meaning when a vehicle collects, processes and presents information. In this field, there are growth opportunities for Semcon to establish a strong position using our expertise where the end-users requirements and needs govern the technology.

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