Training and e-learning
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Training and e-learning.

It is unavoidable that things change, but if handled correctly changes can be openings for positive development. Training and knowledge are essential elements of all change work and with new technology it is easier than ever to reach out and create engagement. It can be about improving internal communications or disseminating new lessons in the organisation, or ensuring that the technicians assimilate new methodologies or introducing a new process. Change is an exciting process, and with our bespoke e-learning products, you move developments in the right direction.

Individual adaptation is an important part. Reading books doesn’t suit everyone. With e-learning materials, you can learn through film, graphics and games. And when you sit in front of your computer, you can work at your own pace and with information that is always up to date.

Erik Baljeu, Department Manager

There are many challenges when a change is being implemented and a company has to undergo training. In addition to the obvious fact that all people have different learning strategies, it is sometimes also necessary to consider employees who are scattered over large geographical areas. All of these aspects can be met with web-based training. The possibility of combining writing, speaking and active exercises means that participants are active and committed, which is a good basis for learning. The fact that it is possible to complete e-learning anytime and almost anywhere brings obvious advantages. This is exactly what happened when Mölnlycke Health Care used Semcon’s e-learning to change the way they communicate policies, procedures and processes within the company.

E-learning can be used for many types of information-sharing within the company, both on a commercial and technical side. For example, we developed products that are used by the sales staff at Volvo Cars before the launch of new car models, as well as technical courses to provide staff with both basic and more advanced knowledge of the new product.

Each company and change has its own unique requirements, and e-learning provides the flexible solutions required for working with ones product information.

Of course e-learning has economic benefits. Spending on travel, premises, accommodation and teachers decreases – but the really big profits lie in the distribution and the interactive environment’s opportunity to try things out; “Learning by doing”.

Erik Baljeu, Department Manager

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