Services for every step of the way
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Andrew McCabe
Country Manager UK, Product Information
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Services for every step of the way.

Product information is not only about developing content in the form of text and illustrations, or even animations. It is also about having a clear strategy for how the product information best contributes to user and business value, and having an information architecture that allows for reuse and digital distribution and consumption. At Semcon, we provide services throughout the product information development cycle.

Our services encompass the entire product information development cycle.

Product information, as well as technical training, is highly important to the users of complex or advanced products or systems. All companies want their users to be able to use their products, or repair and maintain them, in an efficient manner. Still, quite a few companies may need some help with how to make their product information more efficient, user friendly or how to digitize it to truly capture the benefits of modern information technology.

We support our customers in digitizing and/or improving the product information operations, every step of the way. We are experienced in defining strategies for the future, in defining next generation information design and we know what requirements are relevant for an efficient digital development and distribution environment. Our employees know how to develop text and images that are optimal for reuse and digital distribution. We even manage the translation process for our customers successfully and we develop efficient training solutions, including eLearnings. And, at the end of it all, our digital distribution platform enables efficient evaluation of how the information is actually being used.

As a customer you can choose to consult us related to one or more steps in the information development cycle. Or you can choose to focus on your core business and let us take full functional responsibility for the production of your product information. Either way we will support you every step on of the way.

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