Product information for the Rail industry
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Steve Beard
Business Development Manager Rail, Product Information
+44 (0) 7502 369 747
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Adam Palm
Country Manager UK, Product Information
+44 (0) 7795 615 544
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Product information for the Rail industry.

Digitalisation and predictive maintenance are an essential part of today’s modern railway. Semcon’s offerings combine existing and future information to achieve a reliable and efficient railway.

At Semcon we support our customers by delivering improvements in fleet reliability, availability and passenger experience. Through in-depth industry knowledge, we provide leading training solutions and optimised repair and maintenance processes.

More than ever, the UK rail industry is encouraging customer focus, innovation and collaboration. These values are at the core of the Product Information created by Semcon such as micro, enhanced and virtual reality training material.

Adam Palm, Country Manager UK

Intelligent and interactive documentation for rail

In our digital age the possibilities for product information solutions that really bring value to the end user are endless. For example, we can provide a completely managed content system that allows TOCs (Train Operating Company) to have up-to-date specific information at the touch of a screen. We can combine data from third parties to create commercially rich, applicable content, to both optimise maintenance information and update training material.

Whether you are in the process of building a new rolling stock or have an existing, at Semcon we offer you a partner all the way:

New build rolling stock

  • User guides, manuals and electronic parts catalogues
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Life Cycle Costs calculations and Serviceability
  • Fire Safety evaluations
  • Training content creation and training tools
  • Predictive Maintenance applications
  • Content and document management


Existing rolling stock

  • Re-authoring user guides, manuals & maintenance procedures
  • Electronic parts catalogues
  • Training content creation and training tools
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Content and document management

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