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Our international footprint makes us the perfect partner.

With our international presence, Semcon is able to match customers’ requirements regarding localisation and access to the right competences at the right point in time. This makes us an ideal partner for customers that seek new ways of developing their product information, to realise cost efficiency and synergies of scale. In short, we support our customers in moving work, not people.

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Semcon has over a decade of experience running managed services, including front-office and back-office setups, with people at different sites working together on the same assignment. Today, the majority of our employees work in this type of multisite setup involving people from Sweden, the UK, Germany, Hungary and China. We ensure that each team has the right set of competences and experiences, as well as access to expertise and competence networks in a variety of areas, such as technical authoring, graphics and animations.

Based on our track-record and extensive experience of running multisite assignments of various sizes and complexities, Semcon ensures robust, efficient and well-proven product information development processes. These include well-defined interfaces to customer representatives, as well as clear roles and responsibilities. Our governance structure, coupled with risk management and defined KPIs, supports transparency and efficient communication with our customers.

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