Optimising aftermarket business
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Andrew McCabe
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Optimising aftermarket business.

The majority of our product information solutions serves the purpose to optimise our customers’ aftermarket business, whether it is by increasing revenues, lowering cost, improving efficiency or creating more satisfied end users.

  • Increasing revenues; For many companies their aftermarket is actually more profitable than their product or system sales. For example, it is essential to have the right spare parts available when needed to do a service, which can be achieved by ensuring the right information in the electronic parts catalogue.
  • Lowering cost and increasing efficiency; By providing quick and easy fault tracing by for example diagnostic fault tracing trees in combination with optimal (predefined) service procedures, companies can become very profitable.
  • User experience; By increasing the user experience for example providing access to the right product information whenever needed and wherever the user is, not only creates a great user experience, in the long run it also promotes return sales of new products and systems.

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