Smart ventilation gave a better indoor climate
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Smart ventilation gave a better indoor climate.

Swegon’s Wise is an innovative ventilation system that links all devices together and controls them using radio technology. This makes the solution faster to build and cheaper to run. Semcon developed the system, which integrates all data and hardware, and also created the web interface which allows building owners to optimise the indoor climate for users with ease.

Traditionally, ventilation systems involve a lot of cable laying and often complex installations, with subsequent tricky corrections. Swegon’s Wise uses Lumen radio technology, which makes it easy to pair the right device with the right room.

Vast amounts of information flow through the system in the case of larger installations with thousands of nodes. One technical challenge in the system is the fact that performance and storage space are limited on the central device. As a result, our strategy was to filter the information further down in the system and simply release the most important data to the central device

Magnus Andersson, embedded software project manager at Semcon

Wise is an innovative, smart solution and has already become a success. However, there were challenges along the way. For example, there were issues with how to integrate and present all the data collected relating to factors such as room presence and temperatures. To resolve this, Swegon worked in partnership with Semcon – which then created the system which coordinates and manages the installation.


An intuitive web interface allows the user to easily view information from all rooms in the building, set the temperature, optimise airflows and receive support during troubleshooting. If you want to take down a wall between two rooms, for example, the administrator can easily reconfigure the ventilation to suit the room layout. The general management system permits energy streamlining and enhances the indoor climate for users in the building.

What makes this project particularly interesting is the fact that we have worked with the Linux platform from the ground up, right up to the design of the interface. In this case the hardware was in place right from the outset, we have the capacity to develop that part as well

Magnus Andersson, embedded software project manager at Semcon

The new-generation WISE ensures that sensors, air diffusers, dampers and comfort modules ‘talk’ to each other without cables.

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