Extended Reality – new technology to optimize product information
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Andrew McCabe
Country Manager UK, Product Information
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Fredrik Larsson
Department Manager, Product Information
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Extended Reality – new technology to optimize product information.

Digitized product information is about people getting the right information at the right time – in a format and device of their choice.

As a mix of reality and the virtual world, Extended Reality (XR) provides possibilities that complements and enables increased value of current product information. XR includes technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).


Using Extended Reality allows customers to increase their users’ accessibility to the knowledge communicated. This results in cost savings, higher quality and increased user satisfaction.

Fredrik Larsson, Department Manager, Semcon Product Information

Can XR actually improve your aftermarket business? Yes it can, but you have to know your different user groups and understand the situation in which they operate. In that way, being able to create relevant product information, which adds value to users.

Digitized product information is sharing knowledge with the purpose of enabling secure operations, augment quality control and increase product lifetime. It is also about making it easier for users to take part of product information of their choice – whether it is with the use of for example AR glasses or handheld devices.

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With the use of Extended Reality, Semcon helps you make complex products, systems and plants easy to understand and use.

Use cases for product information, using Mixed Reality, within Semcon include:

  • User Manual Visual Navigation
  • Field Service AR and Remote Assistance
  • Technical Training
  • Repair & Maintenance


Andrew McCabe
Country Manager UK, Product Information
+44 (0) 1926 642745
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