Autonomous Vehicles
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Dion Applebee
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Add value by making machines and vehicles autonomous.

First the lawnmower, then the vacuum cleaner, then the car – and now the snowplough. Industry constantly needs to go on developing more cost-effective, eco-friendly processes and products. Many companies are now looking at autonomous solutions as the next step on the road to improvement.


Semcon has, within the area Applied Autonomy, spent a number of years researching and developing autonomous solutions for machines and vehicles of all types. Autonomous products are paving the way for completely new business models and are one of the first steps being taken by many companies to help them become service suppliers.

The development of autonomous vehicles makes it possible for our customers to start supplying complete services instead of just supplying products.

Per Hagman, Area Manager, Software & Emerging Tech, Engineering & Digital Services

Why autonomous solutions? Watch our Autonomous Solutions specialist David Darwall talk about how autonomous solutions can contribute to a more cost efficient, safe and sustainable industry.

Autonomous Vehicles offering

Semcon’s offering is crossing autonomous concepts from different industries in order to offer these solutions to new customers and segments. Autonomous solutions appear to be particularly well suited to the following applications:

  • Operations in restricted areas, e.g. in industry or agriculture
  • Speed limits
  • Communication and navigation challenges between machines and buildings
  • Work environment improvements in terms of health and safety
  • Longer operating times for equipment


We are able to develop custom solutions for these challenges that are largely based on technology and components from the automotive industry and others.

A future with autonomous vehicles

If we consider today’s transport systems and road infrastructure, we can see that these will be digitised within a few years. Users of vehicles, roads and public transport will also encounter some major changes to the services on offer. Autonomous mobility is the next big trend.

Vehicles on the roads share a range of information, and they will also share important data with both users and infrastructure in order to optimise traffic flows and increased safety.

Semcon has designed a control system that sets up digital patterns for autonomous snow clearance at airports for Yeti Move. The system can then download these patterns and monitor a number of vehicles that navigate using RTK GPS, an accurate form of position measurement, and communicate using 4G modems.

Our areas of expertise with regards to autonomous solutions:

  • Create roadmaps so that autonomous solutions can be implemented
  • Mapping and navigation options
  • Patterns and object recognition
  • Connection and data management
  • Machine Learning Systems
  • Prototype production and validation



Dion Applebee
Manager UK, Engineering & Digital Services
+44 (0)7502 358 008
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