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Dynamic information for maximised uptime.

Smart information for more efficient service and maintenance of complex products.

Newly developed technology and sophisticated solutions take the functionality of products to completely new levels. At the same time, it entails an increased complexity where the possible causes to why something suddenly does not work increases too. Vast experience within the maintenance and repair of the product is no longer enough to find a solution. 

With smart tools that convey the right information, the service time can be minimised. Unlike traditional static manuals, whether printed or digital, smart dynamic information can be used to optimise service time. 

With dynamically distributed information, service technicians always get relevant and adapted knowledge to the current situation. It provides faster service time, lower costs and more satisfied customers.

Fredrik Larsson, Manager Digital Development Semcon and information specialist within aftermarket


Like a smart insurance for optimised uptime

Today’s complex products and production systems with frequent updates, mean that manuals are not only very comprehensive, but also quickly become obsolete. This could lead to unnecessarily long service times and production losses. For example, agricultural machinery that is in service instead of in the field, trains that are in the maintenance hall instead of on the railroad tracks, and production lines that are not moving. 

Here are some examples of different solutions Semcon offers to quickly identify and fix product or system errors: 

Multiple channels

By separating the creation of the information from how it is distributed, the same information can be adapted to meet the needs and situations of many different users. A service technician who works from a utility pole may prefer voice controlled search and guidance in a mobile app, instead of having to write and read on a computer. For a car driver, it is easy if the manual is integrated in the car’s own infotainment system. Moreover, for a technician who wants to find out which spare part to order, a web portal can provide a good overview.

With dynamically distributed product information, you can freely choose which channels your information should be conveyed in, and also which information is relevant in which channel, so that it is easy to use. For example:

  • App
  • Web portal
  • Integrated in the product interface
  • Smartglasses

Personalised information

Information should help handle the situation that the user is facing, in a way that is as smooth as possible. For this to be possible, the product information needs to be adapted to both product and user.

With dynamically distributed product information, the information displayed is the information that the user needs with regards to what the user wants to achieve, which product it is and the user’s access level and competence.

For example, instructions involving high current power are only visible to those who are authorised to manage such systems. Moreover, when a product is modified over time, e.g. with upgrades and replaced components, the product information always reflects what the product contains today – not what it looked like when it was manufactured.

Offline support

Information needs to be available. We usually have access to the internet, but there are still many situations where the connection fails the user. And isn’t that exactly when you need information? When the car suddenly stops, in the middle of nowhere, beyond civilization. Or when the machine deep down in the mine, where no utility pole or local cloud solution reaches, suddenly shows an unknown error message.

Semcon’s solution for dynamically distributed product information ensures that the product information that applies to your particular product is downloaded to your device. As soon as the network is up, updates are downloaded automatically. To always be there when you need it, connected or not.

User feedback

Understanding the users is crucial for developing desired products and for becoming a brand that users return to, and product information is an effective means to take part of the users’ views and opinions. By allowing users to interact with the information, e.g. mark which information fulfills its function and which leaves more to wish for or perhaps even is incorrect, it becomes clear what needs to be improved to strengthen the user experience. By analysing what information the users search for the most, the products themselves can be improved with clearer interfaces and design as well as new functions.

Read more about our offer within dynamic distribution.

More efficient service organisation

With dynamically distributed information, both troubleshooting and correcting the problem gets faster. At the same time, junior staff can perform more complex repairs and maintenance, as dynamically distributed information can be interactive and educational, e.g. through guided fault tracing and instructions in an Augmented Reality environment.

In addition to faster problem solving in service and maintenance, there are more benefits, for example:

  • Reduced time for searching for information
  • Reduced need for support
  • Reduced wear and number of unplanned stops
  • Increased sales of spare parts
  • More cost-effective handling of product information

Download our guide to calculate how much more efficient your organisation can be.

New revenue streams on the aftermarket

Digitalisation enables completely new revenue streams, where the big profits are often to be collected after a product has been sold. Instead of selling a machine, production is sold as a service. Instead of replacing an existing tool with a new one, it can be upgraded with new features and accessories or repaired using original spare parts. Dynamic product information plays a crucial role in making it possible, read more here.

Case studies with dynamic information

Dynamic distribution – a sustainable solution

Semcon offers a range of digital solutions that help service technicians quickly find and correct errors. The result is also more sustainable thanks to, for example, reduced travel for service personnel and fewer spare parts being replaced. Read more about how Semcon works with sustainability.

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Andrew McCabe
Country Manager UK, Product Information
+44 (0) 1926 642745
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