Thesis - Data & AI
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Thesis - Data & AI

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Thesis Data & AI

Semcon has operations in over 30 locations across many different markets around the world. The greatness of technology is measured by the value it adds for its users. For us at Semcon, the most important factor is always our end users, the people actually using the technology. People first, then technology. Every day we cooperate with our customers to develop products, systems and services in a wide range of areas. We also work together with students from all sorts of educations to further the skills, experience, and knowledge among us.

Together with our CoP’s we have thought of a few areas of interest where we want to further our knowledge. The thesis work offers the opportunity to be on site, working closely together with us. This gives you an excellent chance to get to know our organization and develop your skillset further with our team!

Listed below are thesis proposals. Please tell us witch one/’s is of interest to you and why.

  • End-to-end Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Driving
  • Robotic Arm Control using Safe Reinforcement Learning
  • Synthetic data generation for improving model prediction
  • Federated Learning for Sensitive data in Healthcare
  • Techniques for continuous scoring and maintenance of ML models
  • Evaluating differences between free space detection and absence detection
  • Autonomous boat measuring depth

Apply today!

We are looking forward to hear more about you and your ideas. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Magnus Andersson, Team Manager at


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