Information Legal Compliance
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Pär Ylander
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Information Legal Compliance.

It is difficult to change a person’s behaviour. Some people read the manual thoroughly before they start their new car. Others just drive and wait until there is a problem. All people are different, not least in the way that they absorb information, and the internet has opened up a wealth of new opportunities. Now the user and the individual are often the focus and it is more common that we get information digitally via the web, in an app or integrated in the product.

Today’s digital environments place high demands on information structure and technical information. This is part of our daily life and we are committed to creating and adapting the information so that it meets the user’s needs, provides increased knowledge of the product and strengthens the company’s brand. We also ensure that the information is designed to comply with the laws, rules and various safety aspects, such as the Machinery Directive, which is the current EU standard for the health and safety requirements of machinery.

The product user should feel safe and be able to do the right things at the right time. One way to do that is with targeted information which is activated by what the user does, exactly at the right time. Our product information always have the user at the centre, whether they are instructions, illustrations or animations. This is something that we know will generate a good experience for the user, more knowledge about the product and lead to the product being used more efficiently.

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