Product information is our core business
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Johan Ekener
President, Product Information
+46 (0)73 684 06 83
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David Sondén
General Manager Sweden, Product Information
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Product information is our core business.

In a managed service setup within product information, Semcon takes over the responsibility for one or several of the customers’ non-core functions, allowing the customer to focus on its core business instead. Semcon’s core business, in this case, is product information development.

The customer continues to have control and responsibility for the governance and the demand side of the relationship such as long-term strategies and delivery requirements. Semcon establishes a supply organisation, with the appropriate competencies, delivering on time and according to budget and specifications. With this, Semcon takes full responsibility of managing the supply side in an effective and efficient manner including work processes, competence development, resource management, quality and continuous improvements. The work is primarily carried out in Semcon’s own premises.

With a managed service setup from Semcon, the customer benefits from access to best practice from different industries, synergies of scale, latest technologies and standards, and specialist competencies, empowered by a well-established front-office-back-office approach. The results are improved user experience, higher cost efficiency, decreased translation costs and shortened lead times through an agile way of working.

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