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Marianne Ohlsson
Manager Project Training Office, Engineering & Digital Services
+46 (0)704 47 28 07
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Torvald Brännström
Area Manager Project Excellence, Engineering & Digital Services
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XLPM Certification.

Semcon offers certification in XLPM (a general methodology for assignment-, project-, program- and portfolio management) whereby methodology knowledge is examined.

The following certifications are available:
• Project management in XLPM (60 minutes, 75 questions, 80% correct answers)
• XLPM Agile Professional (60 minutes, 70 questions, 75% correct answers) Certification in agile project management in combination with traditional project methodology.

In connection to a training course, the certification is offered to a reduced price. You will have best chance to pass the test just after a training course when the knowledge is fresh in your memory.

• When the certification has been ordered an e-mail is sent with information on how to log in. The language selection Swedish or English, is made at the login.
• The certification is time-limited. The time remaining is displayed and it is not possible to pause the certification test. The certification is considered as completed when all the questions have been answered, or when the time has expired.
• The result successful or not successful is received after the test.

If the certification result is successful a link to the printable certificate is sent together with information on how it can be added to a LinkedIn profile. The certificate number is unique.

When the result is unsuccessful, or if time runs out, one more certification attempt is allowed. This is done by logging in again with the same credentials as at the first attempt. If also the second attempt is unsuccessful, no more attempts are given unless the ordering procedure is repeated.

If there are complaints on the bearer of the certificate, because he or she does not act in accordance with the methodology of the certified area in XLPM, Semcon reserves the right to mark the certificate in question as invalid.


Marianne Ohlsson
Manager Project Training Office, Engineering & Digital Services
+46 (0)704 47 28 07
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