Digital solutions for optimised production environments
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Robert Eliasson
Production Development, Engineering & Digital Services
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Digital solutions for optimised production environments.

Sometimes it may seem that there are at least as many choices and questions as there are increased opportunities for digital production development. It is easy to be overwhelmed at the prospect of future-proofing production environments for Industry 4.0. At Semcon, we help you to move forward – one step at a time.

The digitalisation of production processes is rarely discussed without mentioning the data resulting from the implementation of new solutions. But as many people quickly realise, data in itself has no intrinsic value. Everything has to start in each company’s challenges and everyday life. Can data be used to reduce or shorten your production downtime? Or to identify bottlenecks in production? Only when you clearly identify the particular challenges that you face do the right conditions for analysing and combining data become available.

We want to highlight the solutions that can illustrate the next generation of production lines. We help with everything from identifying the direction, implementing what you need to follow it, then creating a vision for the next step.

Anders Rådman, Sales & Business Development Manager, Digital Services

Production meets software

For Semcon, the work with our customers often starts by finding the direction for our work together. We can provide both advice and coaching at an early stage in order to identify what we can accomplish. Through us you have access to extensive experience and knowledge in, among other things:

Semcon can assemble cross-functional teams with comprehensive expertise in digital production development. We can provide 3D simulation of production processes so that we can identify problem and improvement areas over time. We can develop and implement solutions in image analysis where we use AI to analyse different elements. As mentioned – the opportunities in the area are growing day by day. Together, we can ensure you exploit them as much as possible in your own digital transformation.


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