UX and autonomous driving
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Carl-Johan Aldén
Global Business Director Autonomous & AI Solutions, Engineering & Digital Services
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UX and autonomous driving.

The development of autonomous vehicles offers a whole range of fascinating dilemmas and challenges in the area of UX Design. If you develop systems without understanding how humans will and want to interact with them you end up with systems no one wants to use. There are many examples of this where drivers turn off life-saving ADAS systems because they are perceived as annoying.

When developing autonomous cars you take away the interaction that human drivers today have with the car. The question is – how do we keep the balance between the system and the human in these new solutions?

Watch Semcon’s UX expert Karin Eklund discuss this and more with Carl-Johan Aldén, Global Business Director Autonomous Solutions at Semcon.

Talking Autonomous - Always start with the end user

Talking Autonomous
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