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Bent-Erik Bjørkli
Business Development Digital services, Engineering & Digital Services
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Offshore Wind – Renewable Energy.

Semcon supports the Energy Transition towards 2050 with technology, knowledge, development competence, innovation capabilities and sustainability mindset. With our skilled engineers, proven methodology, from a portfolio of challenging projects are we able to meet the futures energy industries need for development of new products and solutions.

Distribution of energy is challenging when it comes to effectiveness and transmission losses. Future solutions may be more locally with microgrid connections and effective levelling (of energy peaks) systems with high effectiveness.

The “second wave” of energy transition has already started. We define “second wave” as efficiency wave where better and more optimized technology use is giving “more for the money”. The efficiency wave will have to change the perspective towards the energy users and how to support the users effectively in their daily energy needs.

We in Semcon foresee to be a part of this development. We believe that emerging technologies and new system demands for installation as well as efficient operation of the “plants” will require development of new innovative products, solutions, and services.

Energy sector in transition

The energy sector is changing from the traditional existing systems and solutions to a broader selection of energy sources with other needs and requirements. This will require changes as well as give possibilities to new thinking of how to adopt to, or how to effectively use energy in an optimized manner. From macro grid solutions with global business and environmental thinking to micro solutions for households or just EV charging support give a big landscape of possibilities for new solutions and developments. This new possibilities will reveal new solutions for all part of existing business as well as generate new sustainable business for the future. Today the main focus is on how to change from and remove the carbon intensive energy sources to sustainable renewable sources. This requires global macro system thinking and large scaling of the “green & clean” solutions. Power to X solutions is also important building blocks in the macro system thinking.

One of the fastest growing area of renewable energy is wind power and solar power. The prediction is that wind power will cover approximately 30% of the variable renewable electrical energy consumption in 2050(DNV GL Forecast Report). Offshore Floating Wind power business is predicted to be between 260 and 500GW in 2050. The offshore industry do have technology advantages and more than 50 years of experience from development and building of offshore floating systems.

Semcon Core competences to support the Offshore Floating Wind business:

  • Robotics for efficient inspection of offshore structure, underwater, in splash zone as well as topside.
  • Condition monitoring using newest technology solution of sensor-system.
  • Development of predictive maintenance systems to ensure efficient operation of windmill plants offshore.
  • Development of new technology solution in an emergent business using Insight Mapping, System Engineering and Design Thinking tools to ensure optimization of production and distribution of energy.
  • Ensuring added value focusing on human perspective, technology and business development in and emergent and complex environment.


In Semcon we find the skills of Innovation in the diversity of projects that we have delivered. The variety from small concept studies to large industrialization projects forms a river of knowledge and experience within Semcon organization. Our engineers have the trained ability to see new brilliant products and solutions. Crossover of technology and knowledge from one solution to another with a touch of novelty might be our next innovation. We have seen that automobile industry solutions may be used in Life science products, space solutions or even Oil & Gas solutions.

We have been challenged with ideas, almost impossible, and through our skills and working methodology tools been able to move them into a solution landscape of great opportunities.

Our work

Our services

At Semcon we have a wide range of competencies inhouse including: Electronics/electro, software development, UX, project management, mechanical design, artificial intelligence, prototyping, simulation and analysis, embedded development, cybernetics, electromechanical design, visualization, eco design, mixed reality, production, validation and testing.


Bent-Erik Bjørkli
Business Development Digital services, Engineering & Digital Services
+47 958 85 401
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