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Göran Urby
Business Manager Energy, Engineering Services
+46 (0) 736 84 03 02

Keep the light burning.

Safe and secure energy

It is easy to understand why energy issues engage and often stir up strong feelings. Access to sustainable, safe and secure energy is fundamental to the whole of society. It is also an area that is facing a technological leap in the direction of renewable energy sources and more decentralised forms of distribution. You can count on operational reliability and control continuing to be as important for energy supply when hydro and nuclear power is joined by solar power, wind power and wave power. Semcon is in the midst of the development with two skills centres focused on monitoring equipment and security services for electricity generation and distribution.

Work on power plants is an essential effort to keep industry moving and allow the whole country to use lights, relax at home, cook and watch television. In Sweden, hydropower accounts for nearly half of the electricity generated. Semcon specialists have been out on power stations for many years and contributed to safer working environments, more reliable production and a future-oriented knowledge exchange.

With the combination of experience in traditional power generation and innovative corporate culture, Semcon are part of the movement and are changing over to new ways to plan and pack tomorrow’s sustainable renewable energy solutions.

Göran Urby, Business Manager Energy

Train services represent the future of transport and must also bear close scrutiny. It is an infrastructure that requires lots of maintenance to run safely and on time. The rails are just one aspect, electricity supply and distribution is just as important. This is one area where Semcon has extensive experience and a team of specialists who are close to the business and in constant motion.

Security and reduced costs in turnkey projects

Semcon’s offer in energy is focused on electrical and control equipment for power and converter stations, and it is divided into the areas of electricity generation, electricity distribution and electricity supply. We have worked with Swedish hydropower stations and power transmission networks for many years and have built up a broad expertise base. We are now taking the next step and focusing on renewable energy solutions, a task where our energy specialists share experiences with our product development and project management departments.

We take full responsibility and deliver turnkey projects from design to implementation and deployment. Increased security, reduced operating costs and easy implementation is always included.

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