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  • Time to level up

Jon Ullmark
Area Manager, Engineering Services
+46 (0) 703 41 47 84

Peter Randén
Project Manager Level Up, Engineering Services
+46 (0) 736 84 06 50



Grab the opportunity to level up – join our new unit in Stockholm where we are making room for star consultants within embedded software, UX and IoT.

Let’s break new ground together.

Semcon now increases delivery capacity in the area of Embedded Software Development, Cloud based Services and Internet of Things. For a start we need 50 consultants to bring their a-game and join us. If you believe you have what it takes – contact us so that we can start breaking new ground together.



We work on solutions for things such as the latest car models, cutting edge home electronics and high-end production systems. In our new team your workdays will be filled with new challenges and innovation involving apps, cloud solutions and a broad variety of devices.

Stockholm Office

The office is located in beautiful surroundings on Lilla Essingen.

We are sitting in bright modern premises.

A whole new team with expertise in strategic digitization.

The fact that we are involved in developing products that end up in the hands of the end user is pretty cool.

Oskar Risberg, Senior web developer at Semcon

Working at Semcon means sharing a holistic, customer-centric approach to developing solutions within embedded software and IoT. What sets us apart is not only our people with a broad range of skills. It is also the way they collaborate and contribute knowledge throughout the entire process, from drafts to maintenance.  And since balance in life yields success we are keen on making room for life outside of work

So, take the chance to level up, apply now.

What does a system engineer do at Semcon?

Jens Henriksson works as an engineer at Semcon and has been developing a new software that helps windshield wipers look into the future. See more in the movie below!

Some assignments and innovations.

Semcon developed PAW, ProActive Wipers. It is a good example of how it’s possible to take advantage of technology that is already present in cars and use it in a new and creative way – in this case to make windscreen wipers smarter and safer for the user.  Read more about the project here.

Re-Search is a browser extension that changes a search engine’s image search results, so that men and women are given equal space when searching for images of different professions. Even though there are a lot of female engineers out there, very few are visible in the search results. The extension aimed at offering alternative role models online. Read more about it here.

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Jon Ullmark
Area Manager, Engineering Services
+46 (0) 703 41 47 84