Why work at Semcon?
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Lisa Sjöstedt
Acting Manager Recruitment, Sweden
+46 (0)739 41 57 97
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Christian Grönwall
HR Manager, Product Information
+46 (0)736 827 764
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Our focus is development, which makes yours vital.

We are a company that is built on product development and our employees work daily to design new solutions that many find useful. Matching your skills to the right industry, assignment, client and project is central to us, but it is just as important that you feel comfortable and can develop within the company.

Because we are a consulting company, our employees sometimes work on our customers’ sites and sometimes in our own offices. The duration of assignments can vary, which makes it fun to work with us as you constantly have opportunities to develop and learn more. Here are more reasons to choose Semcon:

High level of job satisfaction, family culture

When you work with us, a lot of social activities are included so that you can get to know your colleagues in the best way and create a strong team spirit. Our employees give us high marks in terms of job satisfaction and one of the reasons is because of our strong family culture, where we strive for a good balance between work and leisure time.

A great mix

Semcon develops products for everyone, which means that we need to bring in lots of different perspectives to better represent the end users.

Markus Granlund, president and CEO of Semcon

We believe that our differences make us even better, as well as the products and our workplace. So please join us with your experience and background, we look forward to meeting you. Regardless age, gender and background.

Focus on leadership and teams

With us, each employee manages and is responsible for their own development, with the support of their immediate manager. Our managers and leadership is highly ranked in our employee surveys, along with the social working environment. Our managers complete numerous management courses to be able to support their employees in the best way and take them to the next step in their development.

See and support your potential

Professional development can take many forms, ranging from daily learning and exchanges to courses and certifications, but a willingness to learn is something we all share at Semcon. All employees have individual development plans, which are an important part of career development because they also establish the expectation that exists between the employee and his or her immediate manager.

International teams, local specialists

At Semcon, we work in both national and international teams, where employees from all over the world work together on large projects. Because we are all different, come from different places and have different experiences, we can create the best products, services and solutions. In the end, it’s all about where and how far you want to go. If you have more questions about Semcon and your own possibilities for development, please contact our recruiters.

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Amy Meyer
HR Manager UK
+44 (0) 7765 407 671
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Peter Toth
HR Manager Hungary, Product Information
+36 15 05 0616
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Tânia Siqueira
Human Resources Leader Brazil, Engineering Services
+55 (11) 4121 6684
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Lene Fosso Gravningsbråten
HR & Office Norway
+47 936 500 80
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Lisa Sjöstedt
Acting Manager Recruitment, Sweden
+46 (0)739 41 57 97
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Mary Anne Li
HR Manager China, Product Information
+1 (990) 205-7260
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Britta Neumann
HR Germany, Product Information
+49 89 4141 762 41
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Kerin Christina Harvey
Head Operations India, Engineering Services
+91 (080)67139002
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