Annual Report 2018
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Annual Report 2018.

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People who put people first.

End users’ needs and behaviour are key in everything we do. The more we understand the user, the better products we develop. This contributes towards an inspiring workplace, more satisfied customers and higher profitability. To us, technology has no intrinsic value, the most important thing is the benefit it creates. We therefore always put people first, from end users to customers and particularly our employees. If we are to be an attractive workplace  we believe it is important to be clear about why we exist and what we stand for as a  company. During the year, we defined how the culture should be when it is at its best. We summarise this in six descriptive value principles. Read more about them here.

We measure our attractiveness as an employer using eNPS, which stands for Employee Net Promoter Score, and is used as a measure for how willing employees are to recommend their workplace to friends and acquaintances. An eNPS value can vary from -100 to +100. A good value tends to vary between different industries, countries and cultures but a guiding principle is usually that a result above 0 is good, above +20 is very good and above +50 is exceptional. In the latest survey, Semcon’s eNPS was +22.

The year in numbers.

Semcon increases operating profit by 26 per cent and earnings per share by 31 per cent compared to the year before. The financial position is good, with net cash of SEK 44 million by the end of 2018.

In light of Semcon's results and financial position, the Board of Directors proposes an increase in the regular dividend to SEK 3.00 per share.

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Sales and EBIT

Flexible business models.

We create greater value through our business model — not only for our shareholders but also for our customers. Particularly in our solution-based deliveries and managed services, when we arrive early in the product development or business and concept development process, we can enhance value for our customers. Semcon’s main business model is based on three flexible delivery solutions with the ability to tie together our expertise around the world and give our customers the solution that best suits their situation. Our solutions are based on innovation, expertise and the courage to dare to challenge, when necessary.

Read more about our business models

Autonomous snowploughs at Oslo airport

Every winter, problems with snow lead to many flight delays and stranded passengers. Autonomous snowploughs can help airports worldwide to become more efficient and reduce delays.
In early 2018, autonomous snowploughs were used for the first time to clear snow from the runway at Fagernes Airport in Norway, thanks to Yeti Snow Technology, which is jointly owned by Semcon and Øveraasen. In the autumn, the project for Avinor entered the next stage and the snowploughs were tested under normal conditions at Oslo Airport in the winter. The two autonomous vehicles are to clear snow at one of the busiest airports in Scandinavia. The ambition is that Oslo Airport will eventually use a fleet of ten autonomous snowploughs that keep the runways free from snow.

Sustainability at Semcon.

Read our sustainability report

Sustainability work is a common thread in Semcon’s deliveries. Together with our customers, we ensure sustainable product development based on human behaviour. And if it is crucial for our customers’ future then there is nothing more important for us at Semcon. This is how we create value. We look upon sustainability as an integrated part of our mission, our customer offering and our internal corporate culture. Our sustainability efforts are directed towards the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Integrated approach

To ensure that corporate responsibility pervades the entire organisation and our commitment, we describe and assess our work using five different perspectives:

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