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Per Nilsson
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People first, then technology.

For us, a deep understanding of people and their behaviours is central to everything we do. This knowledge makes it possible to develop better products. Better for the end user but also better for our customers, as a product of higher perceived quality provides a major competitive advantage – and usually increased sales too.

User experience is the real proof of quality and is crucial for all companies and organisations. We are convinced of this. And if it is crucial for our customers’ future, then there is nothing more important for us at Semcon.

Financial facts
January -December 2017.

  • Operating income amounted to SEK 1,762 million (1,756) and the organic growth was 0 per cent
  • Operating profit amounted to SEK 95 million (95) yielding  an operating margin of 5.4 per cent (5.4)
  • Operating profit after tax amounted to SEK 72 million (68)
  • Earnings per share after dilution amounted to SEK 4.00 SEK  (3.75)
  • The equity/assets ratio amounted to 61 per cent (45)

Key figures.

2017 2016
Operating margin (mSEK) 1,762  1,756
Operating profit (mSEK) 95  95
Operating margin (%) 5.4  5.4
Equity/assets ratio (%) 61  45
Debt/equity ratio (multiple)  0.2
Return on capital employed (%) 14 13
Dividend per share (SEK) 3.50  2.25
Earnings per share after dilution (SEK) 4.00  3.75
Share price at year-end (SEK) 47.70  46.00
Number of employees at year-end 2,076  2,044


Industries and markets.


We develop products for everyone. With this in mind, it is important to widen our perspectives to understand all types of end-users. To achieve this, we need a work force with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds.

This is why Semcon Group management has initiated the first step towards achieving diversity with a focus on gender balance. We will be a gender balanced company by 2022 (male–female ratio between 60 and 40 per cent) – both in the Group as a whole and among managers. This is a unique and ambitious target for our industry, but a necessary one in order to stay successful as a company and attractive as an employer.

Women Men
Organisation 30% 70%
Managers 25% 75%
Group management 33% 67%
Board of Directors 40% 60%


Semcon's strategy for increased growth and profitability

Focus 2018

Business model and value creation

For a sustainable future

We will turn technology and innovation into excellent user experiences. With satisfied end users, our customers will become more competitive – as will we. Because growth and profitability are a result of successful product development. It is therefore crucial for us to attract and retain the right employees for our continuing success.

To turn technology into excellent user experiences.

Product development based on human behaviour.

Brand promise
People first, then technology.

We believe that a positive user experience is the true measure of quality. That you have to understand the user’s needs in order to develop the best products with the clearest benefits.

Long-term strategic priorities

  • Employees – attract, develop and retain the best talents in our industry through a strong brand and a successful culture.
  • Offering – prioritise areas with substantial potential for profitable growth with increased focus on digitization.
  • Market – increase our presence in markets and industries where we can make a difference through user- focused technology and innovations.
  • Operations – increase the proportion of solution-based deliveries, where we can utilise Semcon’s global potential, at the same time as we develop our efficient direct services.

Financial objectives

  • An operating margin of at least 8 per cent
  • An equity/assets ratio of over 30 per cent
  • A share dividend from a long-term perspective of at least one-third of profit after tax


Read more about our strategy in the Annual Report 2017.

Semcon’s greatest asset is our employees and our culture. Recruiting, retaining and developing our employees is therefore a top priority.

Markus Granlund, President and CEO

In 2018, we will further strengthen our margin by becoming an even more attractive employer, by enhancing productivity and cost efficiency regardless of business model, and will accelerate our strategic shift by boosting sales of Semcon’s offering. Semcon is a company in constant change and plays an ever more important role in developing products that make life easier for people in all parts of the world.

Read the CEO’s comment in the Annual Report 2017.

Semcon's business model. Our solutions are based on innovation, expertise and the courage to challenge. With a focus on sustainability and end users, we create value for our customers.

Direct services
Semcon provides specialists in a number of areas. We work as an integrated part of our customers’ organisations, providing knowledge that strengthens their capacity.

Solution based
Semcon is comprehensively responsible for all or part of a project, with delivery consisting of a specified result. In projects in which Semcon assumes responsibility for part of the process, it is a question of improving or developing elements of a product, plant or service for the customer. In cases in which Semcon assumes overall responsibility, the company is responsible for the entire project process, from planning to delivery.

Managed services
Semcon assumes overall responsibility for a defined function designed to provide products and services, such as product information. Semcon takes over customer processes in this area and manages the work from our own offices supported by proprietary systems. Customers receive the latest expertise in the field at the same time as their flexibility and cost-control are improved.

Read more about our business model and how we create value in the Annual Report 2017.


Semcon has chosen to define sustainability using five perspectives that represent our integrated approach to sustainable development:

  • Employees – through a corporate culture where our employees thrive
  • Business activities – through responsible business focusing on long-term profitability
  • Customers – through customer value, based on end users
  • Environment – through sustainable innovation and responsibility for our own environmental footprint
  • Social – through social commitment


At Semcon, sustainability work is an integrated part of our operations and our everyday work. We are dedicated to a long-term approach in respect of the technology we develop, in our relationships to our customers and owners and in the corporate culture our employees represent. The Group’s objective is to contribute to a sustainable future, satisfied customers that return to us and a corporate culture where our employees develop and flourish. We believe we can then offer longterm profitability to our owners. We take responsibility for our environmental footprint and base our business operations on ethical principles. The foundation for our work is our Quality and Sustainability Policy and Code of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct is based on the UN’s 10 Global Compact Principles relating to human rights, labour laws, environment and corruption.

Read more about our sustainability work in the Annual Report 2017.

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