Ethics and social issues (CSR)
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Markus Granlund
President & CEO
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President, Product Information
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Several CSR initiatives.

Semcon’s best contribution to social and financial development is by running the company professionally and profitably in terms of our Code of Conduct. Thus making it possible to create jobs by providing value-adding expertise as a close technical partner to industry.

Supporting SOS Children Villages long-term

Since the spring of 2014, Semcon is a proud partner to SOS Children’s Villages. The cooperation in the partnership is focused mainly on supporting and expanding parts of the Indian SOS Children’s Villages on-site.

A partnership that makes a difference and engages Semcon employees

Semcon’s choice to support the Indian organization of SOS Children’s Villages means that we help more children get a chance on proper education and a safe childhood. It is important that Semcon’s employees are engaged in this partnership, both locally (in India) as well as globally (in all other parts of the Semcon organization). By being both a local and a global partner to SOS Children’s Villages, we can truly make a difference as a company.

Continuous support of the Indian SOS Children’s Villages

In 2016, Semcon supports a youth home in Alibaug, south of Mumbai, for 23 inhabitants. We are even supporting the Family Strengthening Program (FSP) there, which means we support a total of 1,360 people in 355 families. We, of course, continue to support the three SOS Children’s Villages in southern India. Besides supporting SOS Children’s Villages in India, Semcon offices across the world support SOS Children’s Villages in their region.

In 2014 and 2015, Semcon supported extensive renovations on SOS Children’s Villages Bhimtal, which is located in northern India, close to the Nepalese border. We also supported on-site in SOS Children’s Villages Bangalore, Tirupati and Puducherry (all in southern India). Some of these activities by Semcon employees include career counseling, classes in computer skills, and help during the cleaning days in these villages. During 2015, the funds raised from the Christmas campaign 2014 were used for several fun-filled activities with the children from these villages, such as visits to museums, the zoo, and an amusement park.

Semcon’s Christmas campaign 2016 engages its employees into making a difference

Similarly to last year, Semcon in its Christmas campaign supports SOS Children’s Villages in their catastrophe fund-raising. The money raised will be a joint gift from our employees and the company. The company matches the total amount of funds raised

This year, the donations are used to support SOS Children’s Villages in their work to help all of those affected after the hurricane “Matthew” in Haiti.

In 2015 the fund-raising from the Christmas campaign all funds went straight to the refugees and migrant crisis currently in the Mediterranean. The total sum raised was 10,000 Euro.

To further spread internal awareness, Semcon chooses two internal ambassadors every year. It is their task to highlight Semcon’s partnership with SOS Children’s Villages to all Semcon employees by informing them of news on the intranet, through internal lectures, and through other activities. The internal ambassadors also conduct an annual field trip to India.

“Semcon wants to provide support through concrete projects and have the possibility of getting our employees involved. We can achieve this by cooperating with SOS Children’s Villages. Naturally, it feels particularly pleasing to be able to support an activity whose sole purpose is to provide children with a safe, stable place to grow up. I’m looking forward to following the projects that Semcon is involved with and I’m convinced that our contribution will make a difference.” says Markus Granlund, Semcon’s President and CEO.

Apart from our contribution to SOS Children’s Villages, we also participate in local initiatives linked to social responsibility. Social responsibility permeated by employees’ values. Semcon involved its employees in the choice of charities that the company sponsors and all employees were asked to nominate organizations. SOS Children’s Villages was one of the charitable organizations most often chosen and the cooperation means that Semcon helps towards developing SOS Children’s Villages’ activities.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct involves all employees acting with social responsibility and within the framework of international law in all countries where the Group is represented.