Quality & sustainability
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Quality & sustainability.

A long-term commitment in many ways

To ensure the highest quality and minimise risks in projects Semcon has developed XLPM project methodology, based on the renowned PROPS methodology for managing and controlling projects. The process development is ongoing and the framework continuously improved. Semcon holds ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates.

Quality and sustainability policy

Semcon shall have a sustainable business approach:

  • with a company culture where our employees enjoy working
  • with satisfied and returning customers
  • that offers sustainable innovations to our customers and is conscious about our own environmental footprint
  • with continuous improvements and long-term profitability, to meet the demands of our stakeholders


Guided by social responsibility and governed by ethical and legal requirements.

A sustainable business approach

This platform presents our approach to sustainability. Sustainability can be interpreted in many ways and we have chosen to present this from five perspectives that are relevant for our business. At Semcon we contribute by creating the future with innovative technical solutions for a more sustainable society.

Sound business acumen is essential to ensure long-term profitability and sustainable operations. Our shift in business approach means that we handle risk by being international and delivering to different industries and companies.

Customers – solutions for a more sustainable society

Our target is that our customers want a partnership with Semcon. We set high targets in our customer satisfaction survey and continue to exceed them. We are proud that our customers give us high ratings for how we understand their business needs, making sure we offer the right set-up for each customer.

We invest and participate in various research projects and focus our efforts in four areas: Safe, Lean, Light and Smart. In our research projects we get the opportunity of working in close collaboration with universities, research institutions and both current and future customers.

Environment – by environmental consideration

Semcon’s greatest contribution to environmental development lies in the technical solutions we create for our customers.

Looking at our own operations, the most significant environmental aspect is how we travel. This is why we work to reduce unnecessary travel and promote eco-friendly cars as company cars. The group holds a ISO 14001-certificate.

Social – by social commitment

As in all companies it’s not just our ability to satisfy our customers’ requirements that’s important. It’s just as important how we do it. Our Code of Conduct sets the base for our operations and our charitable initiatives are chosen by our employees, ensuring that Semcon’s corporate commitment harmonises with our employee’s values.

Employees – by a positive corporate culture

We are proud that our employees enjoy working at Semcon. We rank highly in our annual employee survey regarding employee satisfaction, and we exceed the benchmark. Our employees state that they are well respected by their managers and colleagues. They appreciate the values upheld in our working environment, which is characterised by openness, fairness and professionalism.

We are proud of our leaders who lead by example and with strong commitment. As proof of their good work, our leaders were given high ratings in the Leadership Satisfaction Index.


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