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Markus Granlund
CEO & President, Engineering & Digital Services
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Johan Ekener
President, Product Information
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Our focus industries.

The advantages of knowledge sharing

There are benefits to working with similar things in several industries. For example, you can take best practices from one industry to create an advantage in another. We may use a quality process from the automotive industry in the energy sector. Or design a hearing aid with experience from the telecommunications industry. Those who work at Semcon are accustomed to rapid developments and we believe that the very breadth of industries plays a big role in this. When we have the opportunity to cross-reference ideas and exchange experiences, the result is simply better.

Semcon is active in a number of sectors - from the automotive industry to hydroelectric power.

Our focus today is on the five industries where we can make an extra big difference: automotive, energy, life science, telecommunications and industry.


Semcon is one of a few major independent companies with the expertise to carry out major development projects for cars and commercial vehicles. Semcon also complements automotive manufacturers’ own resources and provides expertise in disciplines like design, construction, interior/exterior, chassis, driveline, modelling, testing, simulation, electronics, embedded systems, acoustics, user experience, software development and hydraulics. We also develop and streamline complete production systems.


Semcon offers complete solutions to both distributors and producers of energy, along with complete studies including programs for large energy use. Customers benefit from Semcon’s expertise and experience from other industries, which can be used to great effect by the energy sector. One such example is the fully developed quality methodology in validation and traceability from the life science industry, used in the nuclear industry. Another example is experience with turbines, gearboxes and control electronics from the automotive industry, which helped towards innovative solutions for the energy sector. Semcon’s plant and facility design services for energy technology includes services for network construction and energy production, as well as renovations and upgrades of hydro-power plants. For oil and gas, Semcon also provides project and quality management and construction. Semcon also has solid experience of product development for developing energy-smart solutions.

Life science

With more than 35 years’ experience of integrating system solutions and quality and project management in the pharmaceutical and medical device markets, Semcon helps customers meet regulatory requirements, while shortening project times. Semcon streamlines production and safeguards the right quality and clear traceability, plus it manages and carries out major projects, such as project managing entire processes. Semcon also has a complete range of services in medical devices.


Semcon is strongly positioned as a supplier of product information, project management and product development solutions for the telecoms industry throughout the world.


Semcon provides complete solutions and expertise in products, production and plants. Engineering development and industrial design are two areas where Semcon has extensive experience and wide-ranging specialist skills. Semcon also has great expertise in embedded systems, which help companies develop intelligent and communicative products with high standards of safety, reliability and durability. Semcon offers a range of different services in plant and facility design, such as process engineering and electric power, where production efficiency and safety requirements are strict. We also have an extensive offer for construction machinery. Semcon has extensive experience of project methodology, where the company is developing successful project cultures in companies around the world through courses and assignments as well as analysis advisory services and implementation of project models. The company has also developed its own project methodology, XLPM.

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