With mixed teams we do a better job
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Karin Russberg - HR director of Semcon

Karin Koritz Russberg
Director HR & Sustainability

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With mixed teams we do a better job.

We need people who see things differently, come from different backgrounds and who are more junior or senior than we are. Natasa Liderfelt at the Uppsala-Gävle office describes the benefits of mixed teams as we see it.

Since we develop products for everyone, it is important to widen our perspectives to understand all types of end-users. Therefore, we need a workforce with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds.

By 2022, Semcon wants to be a gender balanced company. This means having a distribution of sexes between 40/60 percent throughout the Group. So how do we reach our goals?

Our office in Uppsala-Gävle is on the right track. The department consists of 44 persons, divided into four teams. Their main area of expertise is Life Science but they also work with mechanical and electrical engineering. Of the 44 persons, 36 % are women and the core team consists of a mix of 60 % women and 40 % men.

The most important thing when it comes to recruitment is that we strive to recruit people whom are not like ourselves. We need people who see things differently, come from different backgrounds and who are more junior or senior than we are. We believe that you learn the most, get to debate and challenge yourself and others in these types of teams.

Natasa Liderfelt , Area Manager at Semcon

Within the area Life Science, there are a lot of women. The field includes chemical engineering, validation and testing. Here it is easier to recruit women, since more women graduate from the universities.

Within life science, we need to make sure that we have different backgrounds and experiences, more than to recruit more women since that is not a challenge. However, in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering, the situation is totally different. There is not enough women at universities, so when recruiting we try to interview and hopefully hire as many women as possible. With this said, we do look at both competence and gender, since we first of all want to recruit the best candidate.

Natasa Liderfelt , Area Manager at Semcon

We know a lot of women lack role models in tech today, which is why it is just as important to make sure we have female employees representing Semcon in different situations. This can be everything from a breakfast seminar for our customers, to the booth at a career fair.

When talking about this with the team, Natasa says, everybody is on board and understands the higher purpose of a mixed team. We know that is when we challenge ourselves best and learn from each other. If we are all the same and only hire people who are just like us, we will never be able to think outside the box and represent all end users.


Natasa Liderfelt
Manager, Engineering & Digital Services
+46 (0)76 569 80 20
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