Line Managers’ Roles in Projects
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Line Managers’ Roles in Projects

Learn how you in your role as a line manager can handle your different roles in a project to give the best support through the entire project lifecycle.

After the training you will:

  • Understand the client’s and other stakeholder´s responsibilities in the project
  • Understand how the project methodology can contribute to a clear control of work assignments and projects



The project’s steering function consists of managers within the organization who have the authority to bring the support needed for a project to be initiated, conducted and completed in a successful manner. This training provides an insight into projects and programs and the responsibilities of the different roles in the projects steering function.

The training is based on Semcon´s project methodology XLPM – Excellence in Project Management and it is in line with current PMI and ISO standards.


  • Place the project work in a wider perspective
  • Identify and clarify the manager’s roles in the project (portfolio owner, project sponsor, steering committee member, resource owner, receiver of the project´s final results)
  • Use the project phases, to initiate, monitor and support the project
  • Decisions made during a project’s lifecycle
  • Brief description of the key project documents


Target group

The course is intended for line managers who often get roles such as project sponsor, steering committee member, resource owner or receiver.




Course compendium




½ day

PDU (Professional Development Units)


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