Human skills for project organizations
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Kerstin Järvell Rhodiner
Training Sweden
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Human skills for project organizations

Become aware of how you are perceived by others, which your strengths are and what can be improved. Learn how to adapt your leadership skills to different situations and how you can use your personality to motivate and enthuse others to better results.

Objectives – after the course you will:

  • Have a better understanding of fhow you communicate at group meetings, negotiations and presentations
  • Achieve improved skills to handle personal talks in problem situations
  • Improve the way you manage projects
  • Get a better understanding of your leadership style and how you can develop it
  • Get an overview of which tools are available to increase efficiency in the projects



In this course you will learn how to use your personality to motivate and enthuse others. There are several styles of leadership, and in this course, you will learn which is best for you. By using leadership tools, you will increase your ability to manage, lead projects and improve efficiency in daily project work. You will practice various problem situations and we work with positive feedback.


  • The leadership role: situational leadership and FIRO, feedback and personal development
  • Communication: transactional analysis, presentations, contact with other departments and decision makers
  • Problem situations: time pressure and difficult conversations
  • Change management
  • Leading a temporary group
  • Testing different tools to increase the efficiency of projects
  • Additional exercises can be introduced based on participants’ needs


Target group

This training is intended for project managers, team leaders or managers




Course compendium




4 days

PDU (Professional Development Units)

32 PDU

Kerstin Järvell Rhodiner
Training Sweden
+46 (0)736 84 07 71