Conflict handling in projects
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Kerstin Järvell Rhodiner
Training Sweden
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Conflict handling in projects

Managed correctly, you can turn a conflictual team into a successful team that is both creative and productive. Understand the cause of conflicts in the project and how to handle them.

After the training you will:

  • Understand different conflict behaviors
  • Be able to increase the chance of a positive solution
  • Provide alternative solutions to conflicts



Every day we risk facing or suffer from a conflict. It can be at home, among friends or among colleagues at the workplace. When several people work together conflicts can easily arise. But conflicts are nothing to be afraid of, indeed, they are normal and are an important process for all of us.

As a project manager you need to act fast to be able to work effectively in new projects. In this course you will learn to deal with conflicts and understand conflict behaviors. You will learn how you can find alternatives and solutions. The result is a team that is both creative and productive.


  • Conflict causes
  • Conflicts – a normal and important process
  • Positive and negative effects of conflicts
  • Different ways of behavior in a conflict
  • Different types of conflicts
  • Alternative solutions and causes of conflicts
  • Conflict Behavior


Target group

This course is intended for project managers and team leaders




Course compendium




1 day

PDU (Professional Development Units)


Kerstin Järvell Rhodiner
Training Sweden
+46 (0)736 84 07 71