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Delivery models. Joakim Zetterlund, +46 (0)736 84 08 08
Sales Director, ESN. Mikael Eklund, +46 (0)703 80 07 96

Different needs require different solutions; it’s as simple as that. Our customers work in various industries and environments, and they all have different needs. Therefore, we offer three kinds of delivery models to provide the best match for you, our customer. If you have specific requirements, just let us know, we are here for you!

Our customers work in various industries and all have different needs. We offer three flexible delivery models to provide the best match.

Managed services

We act as a full service provider of information solutions for our customers. We take the full responsibility for one or several of the customer’s functions. In a managed service set-up, we manage our own resources and use our best practice processes and tools in order to provide cost efficiency, flexibility, strategic skills and continuous improvements. The work is primarily done on Semcon’s premises and often includes a Front Office/Back Office solution.

Solution-based deliveries

We can deliver a solution by setting up a team, with the right competencies, to complete a project within the given time frame and budget. Semcon provides project management and takes on the responsibility for driving the project towards the targets defined together with the customer. Our global presence gives the customer a clear advantage – they are given the optimal project team based on customer technical requirements and cost demands. We can use our satellite solutions to set up the most suitable way of working for your organisation.

Direct Services

We provide specialists at both customers’ sites and at our offices, where we offer a vast amount of skills within Engineering and Product Information services. A complete chain of services all the way from product idea generation, design, mechanical construction and embedded services to lean running production and product information.


Mikael Eklund
Sales Director, Engineering Services Nordic
+46 (0)703 80 07 96

Joakim Zetterlund
Acting Country Manager China and Vice President, Product Information
+46 (0)736 84 08 08

Olof Christensson
President, Engineering Services Nordic
+46 (0)705 13 36 08

Johan Ekener
President, Product Information
+46 (0)73 684 06 83