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CEO’s comment on Interim report January-June 2016:

“We are reporting healthy growth and significantly better results than last year for Q2. It is pleasing to see all our business areas reporting improvements in results. Business area Engineering Services Nordic noted increased demand from, among others, the automotive industry, while the energy sector, in Norway especially, remained weak. Business Area Engineering Services Germany continued work on the change process that was initiated at the end of last year. With a new business structure and organisation set, the prerequisites are now in place for gradually improving results. It is positive to see that business area Engineering Services International is successively increasing deliveries from our specialists in Brazil concerning autonomous vehicles for customers in Europe. We see good growth potential for the entire Group within this area. Business area Product Information signed two new partnership agreements in Q2 with automotive manufacturers in Sweden and the UK. The projects are being delivered by our global teams and initially involve 65 employees. The market is showing great interest in our managed services offers that provide significant value for customers through higher quality, improved efficiency and lower total costs. The trend towards more connected products is very clear. Our knowledge and expertise in product development in several industries is a key element in helping our customers to create smarter products that make life simpler for the end-user.
Semcon is an attractive and appreciated supplier, but in order to increase our market share and further strengthen our brand we wish to increase visibility and be even more distinct in our communication. Consequently, during the autumn we will launch our new communication strategy.”

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Olof Christensson
President, Engineering Services Nordic
+46 (0)705 13 36 08

Johan Ekener
President, Product Information
+46 (0)73 684 06 83