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Olof Christensson
President, Engineering Services Nordic


Johan Ekener
President, Product Information


First people, then technology.

For us, a deep understanding of people and their behaviours is central to everything we do. With knowledge of human behaviour, it becomes possible to develop better products. Better for the end user but also better for our customers, as a product of higher perceived quality provides a major competitive advantage – and usually increased sales too.

Semcon is an international product development company with nearly 3,000 employees representing a wide range of expert knowledge. This gives us the capacity to be an effective partner throughout the product development journey for global customers working in the automotive, energy, telecommunication and life science industries. It also gives us the flexibility to act as specialists in local, smaller projects.

Markus Granlund, president & CEO at Semcon, outside the company´s new headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Semcon Group has annual sales of approximately SEK 2.6 billion and operations in more than 45 locations in Sweden, Germany, the UK, Brazil, Hungary, India, China, Norway and Spain. We are organised into three business areas for engineering services: Engineering Services Nordic, Engineering Services Germany and Engineering Services International, as well as the Product Information business area, which develops information solutions for the entire product life cycle.

Our main business is based on three flexible delivery solutions with the ability to tie together our expertise around the world and give our customers the solution that best suits their situation:

  • Managed services: Semcon takes overall responsibility for a defined function designed to deliver services and products, such as product information. We take over the customer’s processes in the field and usually manage the work from our offices. Customers get access to the latest knowledge in the field, while increasing their flexibility and cost control.


  • Solution based: Semcon takes full responsibility for the entire project or part of it, and the delivery consists of a specified result. In projects where Semcon takes responsibility for a partial process, we improve or develop parts of a product, facility or service for our customers. In cases where Semcon takes overall responsibility, we are responsible for the entire project process from planning to final delivery.


  • Direct services: Semcon provides specialists in various fields. We work on our customers’ sites and contribute knowledge that enhances our customers’ capabilities.